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Corporate Value

High Quality
Teamwork & Synergy
Shared Economy
Continues Learning & Innovation

Our Vision

  • Sustainable Biomass producer through land optimalization and sharing the benefits of development with local communities.
  • Sustainable Biomass / cellulose Producer
  • Enhancing value of local endemic commodities to achieve food sustainable producer
  • Equality of welfare of impact Development
  • Development of Eastern Indonesia

Our Mission

  • Becoming the leading biomass and cellulose producer in Indonesia
  • Developing the potential of locally endemic commodities
  • Developing the economies of the indigenous people of eastern Indonesia

Our Team

M.Dedi Rahadian

President & CEO

Plantation & Forest Planning

Simon Field

Vice CEO

Social, Legume/Biomas & Market Networking

Doddy Prabowo


Project Management, Industrial Engineering & Digitalization

Our Services

Plantation design

Provides design and guidance for garden planning, including analysis of plant layout, irrigation, and variety selection

Plantation operations

Manage farm operations, including planting scheduling, plant maintenance, and sustainability management.

Human Resource management

Providing human resource management solutions to support the workforce in the agricultural sector.

GIS Satellite imagery

Manage farm operations, including planting scheduling, plant maintenance, and sustainability management.


Involves the study of farming-related societies and cultures, to understand social impacts.

Soil analysis

Provides soil analysis to assist management in understanding soil conditions and determining nutrient requirements.


Providing solutions to maintain environmental sustainability around the garden, including waste management and natural resource conservation.

Social and community Development

Involving ourselves in social development and the surrounding community, including sustainable welfare and education programs, so that there is a balance between the Company and the community around the plantation area.


Design and manage supply chains to ensure agricultural products reach markets efficiently.

Production Modeling

Using mathematical models to plan and predict production results.


Providing scientific knowledge to increase agricultural yields through agronomic research and practice.

IT Solution

Providing information technology solutions to support operations and management as well as real time reporting.

Land Mapping

Land mapping and surveying to assist in land planning and management.


Study of water in the garden, including irrigation management and groundwater management.

Post Harvest

Providing post-harvest services, including storage and distribution as well as further development of plantation products.

Plantation Security Management

Ensuring physical and data security in agricultural plantations.

Drone Service

Use of drone technology for land monitoring, mapping and data collection.

Our Plantation


West Java



South Buru




East Seram


Fak Fak

West Papua



Community Partnerships

Integrated Plantation

Post Harvest Product

Group Partnerships

Pondok Tajur Indah No. 56 RT/RW 003/001 Kel. Tajur, Bogor - Jawa Barat 16141, INDONESIA

(+62) 251-8386743